Academic Intervention Specialist 2018 - 2019 School Year

  • Brooklyn, United States

Academic Intervention Specialist 2018 - 2019 School Year

Job description

About Us

 Williamsburg Charter High School (WCHS) is a high performing, public charter high school located in Brooklyn, New York. WCHS opened in August 2004 as the first Chancellor-authorized charter high school in the City of New York with a ninth grade class of 267 students. Now in its thirteenth year of operation, WCHS has grown to serve approximately 963 students in grades nine through twelve. The school’s mission is to unite youth, families, staff, teachers and the community at large in providing young people with the tools necessary to make sense of the world, and prepare them in their journey to become skilled workers and literate citizens of the world.  Young people will accomplish this through their participation in a rigorous and demanding liberal arts education that includes language, literature, writing, science, history, mathematics, the arts, technology, and exploration in disciplines designed to teach fairness, justice, respect and compassion for themselves and others, as well as the skills of critical thinking, communication and research. 


Williamsburg Charter High School provides a broad liberal arts academic program to the high-school age youth of north Brooklyn. School programs are individualized to connect to each student’s particular level of development, including English Language Learners and students with Special Education Services. Further, WCHS provides supportive relationships with faculty, extended instructional periods, and opportunities after-school and on Saturdays for additional academic support. Social and emotional support is also available to students to ensure their non-academic needs are addressed. Students are accepted to WCHS through a random lottery with no minimum requirements, tests, or auditions required to gain entrance and, as a public charter school, there is no tuition.


The Williamsburg Charter High Schools seeks out individuals who:

  • Are committed to providing students with a highly rigorous academic experience.
  • Enjoy working in a highly collaborative, professional setting as well as independently.
  • Are sensitive to the unique needs of the community they serve as well as the complex issues that are present for urban youth and their families.
  • Engage a youth development approach in their interactions with young people by being sensitive to the developmental needs of individual students. 
  • Are passionate and positive about school culture.
  • Take full responsibility for students’ achievement.
  • Act as professional role models for students.
  • Are reflective and willing to improve upon their practice through professional development and support.
  • Manage time, resources, and technology effectively to ensure that they can complete all required responsibilities.
  • Use objective data as well as anecdotal information to gauge student performance.
  • See their work as a career and a lifestyle, not just as a job.  They should be willing to take time before and after school to complete their responsibilities such as lesson planning, supporting struggling students, and grading student work. 
  • Believe deeply in the transformative power of education for all students, families, and educators.

General Duties

The Academic Intervention Services Coordinator is required to:

  • Direct and manage the Academic Intervention Program for a WCHS
  • Work for 182 days each year with students directly and for 19 Professional Development days spread throughout the school year.
  • Teach two sections of AIS in a WCHS.
  • Participate in all assemblies, meetings, and professional development activities offered at the school.
  • Participate in focus groups, evaluations, and committees as requested to assist with the constant improvement of the school as a whole. 
  • Share expertise and curriculum with other educators within the WCHS network.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the WCHS Student Handbook, Teacher Handbook, Personnel Policies, and Instructional Manual. 
  • Read all communications from the Believe School faculty and staff (including supervisors and other teachers) and respond as needed or required in a timely manner. 

Specific Duties

The Academic Intervention Services Coordinator is also required to:

  • Attend to Compliance with Title I and AIS Program standards.
  • Notify and communicate with parents regarding student enrollment in AIS, through phone calls, mailings, and parent meetings.
  • Collaborate with teaching and guidance staff to identify students who are in need of AIS. 
  • Monitor progress of students receiving AIS, through grade monitoring, classroom visits, teacher progress reports, and communication with parents.
  • Communicate with teaching and guidance staff about progress of students who receive AIS, and suggest and implement individualized interventions for students.
  • Coordinate the collaboration of the NYU: America Reads tutoring program with our AIS program, including supervision and scheduling of tutors.
  • Provide guidance and supervision for AIS teaching staff.
  • Any other duties that are necessary to achieve the mission of the WCHS.



A Coordinator of Academic Intervention Services should be adept at:

  • Identifying student needs and designing programs to meet these needs.
  • Understanding and implementing a data-driven approach academic intervention
  • Maintaining accurate and confidential records
  • Communicating promptly, clearly, and frequently with students, staff, and families
  • Problem-solving and multitasking
  • Embracing and embodying the mission of the school as well as demonstrating a full awareness of the school’s policies and procedures
  • Demonstrating a highly professional approach in dealings with students, staff and families
  • Being sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of students

 Education and Credentials


  • Bachelor’s degree; Master's Degree preferred
  • New York State Certification in a specific content area, Highly Qualified Status as defined by the NCLB Act 
  • Cleared to teach in a public school through New York State’s fingerprinting requirement    
  • Extensive experience in other educational settings, though not required, is also preferred