College and Career Coordinator 2018 -2019 School Year

  • Brooklyn, United States

College and Career Coordinator 2018 -2019 School Year

Job description


College and Career Coordinator


About Us

Williamsburg Charter High School (WCHS) is a high performing, public charter high school located in Brooklyn, New York. WCHS opened in August 2004 as the first Chancellor-authorized charter high school in the City of New York with a ninth grade class of 131 students. Now in its thirteenth year of operation, WCHS has grown to serve approximately 963 students in grades nine through twelve. The school’s mission is to unite youth, families, staff, teachers and the community at large in providing young people with the tools necessary to make sense of the world, and prepare them in their journey to become skilled workers and literate citizens of the world.  Young people will accomplish this through their participation in a rigorous and demanding liberal arts education that includes language, literature, writing, science, history, mathematics, the arts, technology, and exploration in disciplines designed to teach fairness, justice, respect and compassion for themselves and others, as well as the skills of critical thinking, communication and research. 


Williamsburg Charter High School provides a broad liberal arts academic program to the high-school age youth of north Brooklyn. School programs are individualized to connect to each student’s particular level of development, including English Language Learners and students with Special Education Services. Further, WCHS provides supportive relationships with faculty, extended instructional periods, and opportunities after-school and on Saturdays for additional academic support. Social and emotional support is also available to students to ensure their non-academic needs are addressed. Students are accepted to WCHS through a random lottery with no minimum requirements, tests, or auditions required to gain entrance and, as a public charter school, there is no tuition.


Position Description

The ideal Williamsburg Charter High School College and Career Coordinator will supervise two grade levels to ensure that they are immersed in study that advances their thinking and prepares them with a pathway after graduation. New to the upcoming year, the college and career coordinator will also provide guidance around career building and post secondary options for students who will not immediately matriculate into college.



  • Managing the college application process for students
  • Supervise and help create lists of schools for individual students and assist students with the process of applying to college
  • Supervise and help create lists of alternative post secondary options for students who will not immediately matriculate into college
  • Interface with academic guidance counselors in the process of planning college and postsecondary related events and ensuring that a strong college-going culture is present in all grades of the school
  • Create and maintain a school profile for distribution to colleges and universities
  • Oversee the planning of school-wide college and application process events
  • Create and maintain a college-going culture in the school in accordance with the plans set forward by school committee members
  • Run professional development for staff that empowers them to support our existing college-going culture in all classrooms and school environments
  • Run assemblies for students on post secondary planning that ensures we have a college going culture
  • Contact and build positive relationships with college representatives that visit our school to speak to our students
  • Work as the College Now Program liaison to recruit students to take College bearing courses each semester
  • Work with the grade academies in the recruitment of students for the SAT prep classes, keep track of the students attendance and data compilation
  • Maintain positive relationships with any College related partnerships we currently have and establish new relationships with Community based organizations that can assist our college going culture
  • Schedule college visits, fairs and assemblies for students
  • Host parent meetings and workshops in relation to post secondary planning
  • Assist students with their personal statement/essays
  • Maintain and track the materials that have to be sent out for students such as transcripts, personal essays, and letters of recommendations Coordinate with additional College and Career Coordinator to ensure maintenance of the list of all of the college acceptances of the students in the WCHS who are applying to college
  • Advise students during the process of applying to college, applying for financial aid, and on the decision-making process of selecting a college to attend
  • Advise students during the process of acquiring postsecondary plans if the student does not plan to matriculate directly into college 
  • Attend outside conferences, meetings, and other professional events on WCHS behalf
  • Work with the grade academies to oversee the administration of the PSAT/SAT exam
  • Coordinate with additional College and Career Coordinator to ensure all proper students are signed up for the SATs
  • Reach out to and work with parents to foster awareness of the college application process and all components thereof


Positively Contributing to School Culture

  • Arrive to school on-time and leave no earlier than 4:00PM.  Even with these times parameters in mind, we ultimately seek team members that will simply do whatever it takes and will work relentlessly to ensure that students are emotionally safe and able to excel academically
  • Create a safe learning and sharing space for students and families
  • Proactively involve assigned student’s family in their progress through regular communications including(but not limited to): weekly informal communication via emails, notes, telephone calls, and meetings
  • Hold students to high behavioral and academic expectations and support students to succeed
  • Model professional and collegial behavior for students
  • Respond to all school-related communications within 24 hours, including but not limited to voicemails and emails
  • Adhere to all WCHS policy handbooks
  • Perform any other job-related duties as directed and assigned






Education and Credentials

Bachelor's Degree preferred
New York State fingerprint clearance
New York State School Counselor Certificate Preferred
Extensive experience in a college counseling setting, though not required, is also preferred
Bilingual Preferred